Tiny Q's Fan Art
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Title: I donít think Seamus, or is it Tom, likes Ginny too much...

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: Oct 2003

Media: Ink and Pencil Crayons

Comments: Well this is from chapter 11 of Draco Veritas. You know, where Seamus/Tom trys to kill Ginny. I forgot that Ginny was conscious through the whole thing though. Oh well. I was scared to color this actually. I had a feeling I would F it up if I tried to put in the shadows cast by the fire behind them. But I tried anyways (after scanning myself several copies, just in case), and I rather like it. Though I didnít put quite enough contrast into Ginnyís face and I detest her shoulders, but I suppose it makes her look more feminine in contrast to S/T. Oh yes, and I drew this from some add in Vogue, but mutilated it to my own dark purposes. ~cackles~